To bake, package, and display exceptional bagels, pastries, breads, and specialty items for wholesale, catering, and retail clients.


Baker assures and documents sanitary conditions of baking area prior to proceeding with daily baking for clients. Baker takes foods prepared for daily bake from cooler and prepares for baking product in the oven. Depending on the product, preparation may include adding toppings before or after baking. Prepared products are placed in oven and matched to a pre-programed baking recipe. Depending on the product, baker may need to add, remove, or rotate product during the bake. Specific parameters such as oven temperature, freezer temperature, and cooler temperature will be noted and documented during the baking shift. Baked goods are examined for quality and either packaged or displayed in accordance with the daily pre-orders and required store bakes. Baker will need to slice some bagels for specific customers. Wholesale packaging is tagged with quantity, type of product, ingredients, and allergen labels. Baker will sequentially number the wholesale packaging for each destination. Items for retail sale are placed on display trays and arranged in display case in accordance with a standard layout. Baker is also responsible for traying the products for the next day's bake in accordance with estimates provided by others on a daily bake sheet. Upon completion of bake and preparation for the next bake, baker will clean and sanitize work area. Baker will advise owner/manager of any issues with product quality or with equipment. Baker will also advise owner/manager whenever inventory of toppings, packaging or other item is below par value.


Baker shall be able to work independently once training is complete. While some baking experience would be beneficial, Boardwalk Bagels will train a suitable candidate to complete the specific duties outlined above. Baker should be able to lift 50 pounds, have a food safe certificate (or obtain one within 30 days of employment), and be able to understand the operation of the equipment used for baking.


Baker will be compensated through a combination of base pay and bonus. Base pay is commensurate with experience and the ability to contribute to the growth of Boardwalk Bagels. Bonus compensation will be based on ratings in a number of areas including, but not limited to, on time attendance, quality of product baked, receiving no returns from wholesale clients, and receiving no adverse comments specific to the product from clients as well as other factors.


Boardwalk Bagels begins wholesale distribution at 3:00 AM and retail operations at 5:30 AM. Baking is, therefore, an overnight operation. The baker will typically start between 10:00 PM and midnight and work until approximately 5:30 AM when the retail store opens. Specific hours are based on the pre-orders received for wholesale and catering operations along with the daily retail bake. The baker and owner/manager will be in daily communication to determine the appropriate start of the bake.

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