To improve the day and spirit every person who comes in contact with Boardwalk Bagels whether it be a single visit or everyday.​


Customer service encompasses a large number of functions. Primary of those functions is to greet our ​patrons enthusiastically and to engage them. Each patron should leave Boardwalk Bagels having had a pleasant experience. Known customers should be greeted by name and new customers should be called by name once we learn their name. The physical duties beyond making our customers day include some or all of the following:

  • Preparing for the opening by making coffee, putting out bagels, setting tables outside, unlocking doors, starting equipment, preparing sanitizers, and similar functions;

  • Operating the POS system, accurately taking orders, accepting payment, and making change as appropriate;

  • Maintaining a clean and pleasant environment for customers;

  • Following all food safety and food defense procedures;

  • Accurately preparing drinks and/or food in as timely a manner as possible;

  • Preparing meats, cheeses, sides, and other items so as to have available for customers as needed;

  • Assisting with packaging and preparing bulk orders as needed;

  • Cleaning and sanitizing all dishes as well as bowls and other items used to prepare baked goods;

  • Providing customers with the knowledge and opportunity to purchase additional complementary items;

  • Preparing left over food for charity as needed;

  • Taking inventory of left-over food at the conclusion of each day;

  • Mopping and cleaning the floors, displays, vents, drains, and other items as needed;

  • Recording on logs those items requiring periodic monitoring for food safety;

  • Counting cash draws as requested;

  • Utilizing a closing checklist to perform closing tasks and record all tasks have been performed;

  • Following all procedures in the employee handbook and any memos issued by management; and

  • Performing other related tasks as requested.


Customer service team members shall be able to perform the specific tasks independently once training is complete. While some food service experience would be beneficial, Boardwalk Bagels will train a suitable candidate to complete the specific duties outlined above. Customer service should be able to lift 50 pounds, have a food safe certificate (or obtain one within 30 days of employment), and be able to understand the operation of the equipment used for to prepare meals for customers.


Customer service team members will be compensated through a combination of base pay and bonus. Base pay is typically in the range of minimum wage. Customer Service personnel, as they gain experience will have the ability to grow into key holders and supervisors. Bonus compensation will be based on promotability and ratings in a number of areas including, but not limited to, on time and attendance, quality of service, customer comments and reviews, and the ability to upsell and contribute to the growth of Boardwalk Bagels.


Boardwalk Bagels begins retail operations at 5:30 AM. Customer service team members may begin work as early 5:00 AM when opening. When closing, team members are typically done no later than 3:30 PM. Full and part-time hours are available..

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